gstlearn is the new cross-platform Geostatistics C++ library proposed by MINES PARIS – PSL University. It offers to users all famous Geostatistical methodologies developed and/or invented by the Geostatistic Team of the Geosciences Research Center.

gstlearn has been officially released and presented during the gstlearn workshop (2023, September 6th)
organized within the scope of the
Journées de Géostatistiques 2023“!

The name ‘gstlearn‘ stands for several purposes:
– GeoSTatistics & Machine Learning Library
– Geostatistical Spatio-Temporal Learning
– Learning Geosciences & Spatio-Temporal Models

gstlearn comes in various forms:
– A C++ library (BSD)
– A Python package (BSD)
– A R package (GPL)