Here is the material for the gstlearn workshop held on 2023, September 6th in the “Journées de Géostatistique 2023” framework !
1. Download the Courses and Demonstration scripts (Jupyter notebooks and R markdown)
2. Extract (right click) the archives files (zip) and be ready!

Scripts (Python / R) v0.3.3b:
– Courses (ipynb / Rmd):
– Demonstration (ipynb / Rmd):

That all folks!

Here is the results you should obtain executing these scripts:

Results (Python / R) v0.3.3b:
– Courses (HTML):
– Demonstration (HTML):

API (doxygen) v0.3.3b:
– API :

All scripts that need input data files, download them at the beginning. If you want, you can download these data files before the workshop. During the workshop, only the Scotland dataset will be used.

Data files:
– Browse here:

Feedback form:
A the end of the workshop, please, fill in the following form:

Here is the “Conversion paper” for Python/R vs C++ types: