Tutorials (R)

Case studies

Standard 2-D case

Standard workflow on a 2-D data set. Performs variography and modeling, estimation and simulation, in a monovariate and bivariate cases.
Basic Objects


Polygon definition and usage (for selection)


Definition of the Neighborhood concept. This tutorial gives hints on the parameters of the Moving Neighborhood
Basic Calculations

Hermite Polynomials

Perform the elementary calculation based on Hermite polynomials

Random Directions

Generation of Random Directions in a high-dimension space: Van der Corput sequence or Quasi-random model

Non-Linear Geostatistics

Perform estimation using non-linear Geostatistics with a Gaussian Model on a point data set


Projection Pursuit Multivariate Transform

PPMT to Gaussian Mixture

Projection Pursuit Multivariate Transform in the case of a Gaussian mixture

Simulation of LMC

Comparing simulations using Turning Bands and SPDE

Cross Validation

Example of Cross-validation calculation with various output formats

Gibbs sampler

Simulation of a Gaussian vector under equality/inequality constraints using the Gibbs sampler

Homotopic / Heaterotopic conditional simulations

What happen with missing values in a multivariate case?


Principal Component Analysis and Min/Max Autocorelation factors demonstration

Scatter Plots

Calculating and representing scatter plots or h-scatter plots

Kriging linear combinations

Co-kriging of linear combinations
Data Base Management

Simulation Post-processing

Performs proportions by post-processing on several simulations performed on the nodes of a Grid

Data centering

Performs centering of a Point data set on a regular grid (possibly rotated)


Perform Estimation and simulations in the framework of SPDE

Variable anisotropy

Perform Estimation with non-stationary covariance (anisotropy following a spiral) in the framework of SPDE